Hi I am Yamouna.

I am a Singer. I started singing very early, because I always loved singing. I studied Classical Music in Vienna, Austria and sang lots of different kinds of gengres, always searching, never feeling completely comfortable with Classical Music. I loved most the Early Music and Contemporary Music, I tried Popmusic, Dancefloor, Rock and House, somewhere inbetween I started writing my own Music, but rarely was secure enough to perform it, until I started meditating and I am realizing now, that with Meditation my Perspective changed and still changes, why I am singing, getting aware of the Silence that is the Birthplace of each and every Sound. Feeling the urge to be authentic and to find my real self, going beyond the false personality connected to memories, beliefs and behaviour patterns, that hinder me to be real.

I started to sing my own songs again and more frequently lately, first of all just for myself. Then I started meeting and rehearsing with an old beloved friend of mine, Tanja Brüggemann, she is a composer of contemporary music, and we decided to form a two-woman-band called “Düt’n Dat” – “This and That” which for us means, we would just sing the Songs that we really love and enjoy. So we are playing our own original Songs and Coverversions of Songs we love.

We will see, what happens. 🙂

I meditate because I want to live in the Moment, totally. Just being, here and now, with all my senses and my full awareness and enjoying life fully.

Have a wonderful Day! Love Yamouna